1. Nothing I Gain

From the recording Nothing I Gain


Get me in the shade,
Once my pride melts away.
There's water in my grave,
Too much love thrown away.
Ambition that I blame,
Innocence I claim,
All I want is life,
All I know is shame.

I can't feel the rain.
I'm not the one who gains.

I could see your hands
Raised to refuse the sun,
Did you lay your eyes on another one?
Cause even after all you've done,
My answer is one,
My love is all you removed.

I can't feel the rain.
I'm not the one who gains.

All the lies and all the games,
All the times I left in shame.
All the times I knelt to pray,
All the life I thought I'd gain.
All the ambition I blamed, all the innocence I claimed,
Oh, all the love I threw away.

My blood was yours, when yours was used.
Your hands hold the love I removed.

There's nothing I gain.

Written by Jesse Will and Rhiannon Jean.
Performed by Jesse Will and Lucy Kitt.

(C) Copyright 2013 Jesse Will
(P) 2013 Jesse Will
All Rights Reserved.