"Slow and soulful, yet haunting... An overnight sensation" - Daily Mail UK

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Damien Rice and Jeff Buckley, New Zealand's Jesse Will  has toured extensively around the UK and Europe,  his work garnering praise from Taylor Swift, the Evening Standard, Billboard Magazine, and the Daily Mail among others.  

Will released his second studio EP, 'Every Thread' in 2018, and has since performed at Queen's Hall Edinburgh, Ronnie Scott's, Komedia Brighton, and Daytrotter Sessions amongst others. 

After the death of a close friend, Will quit a full-time job to pursue a creative career, and made his mark on the international music scene in 2013 with the release of his debut EP Hold Your Cards. 

Following a move to London in 2014, Will released a stripped-back cover of Taylor Swift’s hit song Shake It Off. This saw a surge in popularity for Will when the cover caught the attention of Swift, who shared it with her 56 million followers, praising the rendition.

His poignant lyrics, and soulful voice have been met with critical acclaim, and he was named a finalist in the Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition, and a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition for his song 'Indigo'. 

Jesse Will's second EP 'Every Thread' is available now on all major streaming platforms.

"If you've experienced loss, in pretty much any form, this music is a gift for you. I have no doubt that whatever you may be grieving, Jesse Will has a song that will help move the process along. I mean, just.... "And I walk where the rain knows my name." Try to tell me that's not one of the most beautifully tragic lines you've ever heard in your life."
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"Jesse's music... is purely non-imitable. Simplicity shines through, branding his music as entirely his own. I am looking forward to listen to his new music very eagerly. I'd be thrilled to see him recognized on a global platform, which I'm expecting, isn't too far off."
The Conspicious Writer


"Someone whose name you might be hearing more of in years to come."
Graham Reid

"Standout songwriting."
NZ Musician Magazine

"I am a huge fan of Jesse’s vocal ability which has this honest, soul-bearing tone that adds a special something..."
My Random Jukebox

“Will's voice echoes throughout the halls” 
Music Times